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Help Section - Before You Get Started

Video Transcript - Registering A Product With The Regulator

Screen 1: Introduction - Registering a product
Welcome to the video help series for the Energy Rating Product Registration System.

In this video, we’re going to take you through the process for registering a product in the registration system.

In Australia and New Zealand, products regulated for energy efficiency must be registered and meet some important requirements before they can be sold or offered for supply.

The first thing you need to do is find out is if your product is one of these regulated products and what the requirements are for registration.

Screen 2: E3 Program
Australia and New Zealand have legislation or regulations that identify what products are regulated for energy efficiency and the requirements for registration.

These are delivered under the Equipment Energy Efficiency Program, or the E3 Program. The E3 program allows Australia and New Zealand to collaborate and deliver a single integrated program for product energy efficiency standards and labelling.

You can find more information on the E3 program at

Screen 3: Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act (2012)
Energy efficient products sold or imported in to Australia are governed by the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards Act 2012, or what we call the GEMS Act.

Each product covered under the GEMS Act also has a separate legal instrument called a Determination, which outlines specific requirements for that product. You will need to refer to both the GEMS Act and the Determination when finding out what you need to do to register your product.

The GEMS Act and product Determination are available to download any time from

Screen 4: Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations 2002
In New Zealand, the Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations 2002 govern what products are regulated for energy efficiency in New Zealand. These regulations can be downloaded from

If you want to register a product in New Zealand, you must have a business already based in New Zealand.

Screen 5: Regulated Products
Let’s now take a look and see what products are regulated.

A full list of products currently regulated under the E3 Program for energy efficiency is shown on your screen.

[This list of products referred to in the video is included below:

-Air Conditioners
-Compact Fluorescent Lamps
-Close Control Air Conditioners
-Clothes Dryers
-Clothes Washers
-Commercial Refrigerators
-Computer Monitors
-Distribution Transformers
-Electric Motors
-ELV Lighting Converter Transformers
-External Power Supplies
-Gas Water Heaters
-Hot Water Heaters
-Household Refrigerator Freezers
-Incandescent Lamps (regulated in Australia only)
-Linear Fluorescent Lamps
-Set Top Boxes

It includes air conditioners, lighting products, electric motors, household electrical items and commercial refrigerators.

A regulated product must be tested to prove its energy performance. You may need to provide a test report with your application to demonstrate if your product meets energy performance and/or labelling requirements.

A product’s Determination or industry standard will include any details on the testing requirements for that product.

Screen 6: Register product in Registration System
Now you need to register your product in the registration system.

You first need to log in using your existing account or you can register a brand new account.

Instructions on how to log in or create a new account are available in our Help section [Our Help section is located at].

Screen 7: Complete application for registration
Once you’re logged in and set up, you can complete the product application.

Each product will have different pages and questions to complete, as different information is required for different products.

Use the Help links on each page to help you complete your application form. You can also visit the main Help section for more information.

[Our Help section is located at].

Screen 8: Create an energy rating label
Some regulated products require an energy rating label. This label indicates to the consumer how efficient a product is in terms of energy usage, and enables them to make informed choices around which products to buy.

Where an energy rating label is required, you can download a template of the energy rating label from the Labels page of the application form, so that you can add the necessary information to the label.

Once you’ve done that, you submit the label to the regulator as part of your product’s application.

Screen 9: Pay registration fee and submit application
When you submit a product application for registration, you will need to pay a registration fee. This fee varies depending on the product being registered. A list of fees is shown on screen now and can also be found on the Payment page in our Help section.

[The list of fees shown on screen can be found on the Payment page located at]

Payment is made through our online payment portal, which accepts Visa, MasterCard or American Express. A surcharge will be automatically applied to the total registration fee payable.

[Details regarding the surcharges can be found on the Payment page located at located at]

You then submit your application to the Regulator for approval. If the information in the application is correct and the product is deemed compliant, the Regulator will approve your application. Your product will then be registered and legally able to be supplied or sold.

That’s just a quick overview of the registration process. More detailed information is provided along the way to help you complete your application correctly.

Screen 10: Help section
For further assistance with using the registration system, select the “Help” tab at the top of any page to go to our handy Help section, where you can find more videos and step-by-step guides to help you navigate any aspect of the system.

[Our Help section is located at].

Screen 11: Contact Us
If you cannot find an answer to your question, why not send us an email?

Simply select the “Contact Us” tab at the top of any page and fill in the form.

The more details you provide, the more we’ll be able to help you, so please include all relevant details in your email, including any attachments that might be useful.

[The Contact Us form is located at].